your dog is your best friend.

capture their essence in a timeless portrait, printed on archival materials that will last forever.
welcome to the bark garage
a vintage denver highlands bungalow garage converted into a boutique photo studio
How it works:
• book a 30-minute session
 • We'll shoot dozens of photos, toss dozens of treats, possibly sample some whiskey
• Review the images together and pick the best for retouching 
• Choose a photo package: either prints, digitals, or both
• I use my decade of photo retouching experience to make your pup look her absolute best
• Receive the prints in the mail in a couple weeks! 

the bark garage is a canine portrait project started by Brett Stakelin, a commercial and fine art photographer located in Denver, Colorado. 
A few years ago when Brett met his soon-to-be wife Lauren, he also met his new best friend Lucy. Over the years she turned him into a bonafide dog lover, and eventually his passions for portraits and dogs came together to start the bark garage.​​​​​​​
You can see more of Brett's work at
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